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Loren Collins  of 
Jostens Yearbooks

1955 Whitman Drive

Powder Springs, Georgia 30127

Phone: 678-986-8206

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Loren's Associate is Lisa Brondyke.

You can reach Lisa by phone at 678-634-7266

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Loren's plant consultant in Clarksville is Jennifer Rudolph.

You can reach Jennifer by phone at 800-248-9725 ext. 45873

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Loren's plant consultant in Clarksville is Jennifer Rudolph.

You can reach Jennifer by phone at 800-248-9725 ext. 45873

Click here to e-mail Jennifer.

Dotty Bailey, Druid Hills Middle School, DeKalb County told us:

I used Jostens with Loren Collins as my contact and representative for the past three years.  I wasn't selling as many yearbooks as I thought I should be.  I thought the problem was the price, so I began looking for a cheaper company.  I found several online, contacted three, and chose one based on its fast responses to my emails and its low per-book price for what I wanted.  I want to share with you exactly why I will be returning to Jostens and Loren Collins for next year and the future.

The company I chose is 2000 miles away and has no local representative.  This makes communication difficult.  Any question that I had took at least two days to get answered, sometimes more.

The program that I am using for my students to create the yearbook is computer-based and saves remotely; it is not web-based.  This means that quite a few times, we had problems with the program----usually it would not save completed pages to the remote storage---so we had to save them locally.  Other students using the computer then "fixed" the pages, causing my staff to have to redo many pages.  The program is frustrating, at best.

My technical representative at the company works from 12-6 CST.  My yearbook staff meets from 8:50-9:40 EST so my staff could never have an online Q and A session with our representative.

The program that I am using does not organize the pages as I go.  Next week, as my deadline looms close, I have to manually gather the pages up in order and put them in a file.  This will take several hours; Jostens keeps pages in order as you go so you always know where you are and what's left to do.

My bottom line is that I need a representative locally, one who will be there when I have a question and can help with any problems.  I need a program that works as it should 100% of the time.  For these and so many other reasons, I will return to Jostens next year and keep them for the rest of my yearbook sponsor career.

Mr. Nate Rupp, North Cobb Christian School told us:

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Loren Collins as our Yearbook representative.  He is personable, passionate and knowledgeable, and having a yearbook representative who possesses these qualities makes life as a yearbook adviser much easier.  Before Loren was even working as our representative he demonstrated care, and loyalty to our staff and yearbook and selflessly sought out opportunities to help us with our book that wasn’t even published through his company.  He visited our class twice as often throughout the year as our present rep did.  I think these actions speak wonders of Loren’s character and the person he is.

With Loren as our representative, life as an adviser has drastically improved.  Loren is always very quick to respond to any question or comment.  Having the peace of mind knowing that an answer to a problem is simply an email or phone call away is priceless.  Besides providing excellent support and service and having a wealth of yearbook knowledge, Loren is extremely professional and shows much respect to the school administration and students.  He’s developed a respectful and trusting relationship with the yearbook staff who always enjoy his visits and are comfortable to approach him for yearbook help, creative ideas and inspiration.

Loren’s primary concern is for us to put together a successful yearbook that represents the individuality and character of our school. His devotion to our school and needs makes the process of putting together such a large publication as painless as possible.  I couldn’t ask for a more caring, personable and passionate yearbook representative than Loren Collins.

Renee' Crawford, Ellijay Primary School told us:

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Loren Collins. Ellijay Primary School has been with Jostens for several years. But, I am a first time yearbook advisor. Over the past several months I have found Loren a joy to work with. I find his professionalism and customer service to be truly exceptional. It is very obvious that Loren loves what he does by the way treats his customers. When I have a question I can always count on Loren to respond immediately. For a rookie like myself it is very important to have someone I can depend on for help!
Again, I would highly recommend Loren Collins.

Courtney A. Smith, Pickens County Middle School told us:

"I would like to express how Loren Collins makes a yearbook advisor's job extremely easy and fun. Loren has the creative enthusiasm needed to keep a yearbook for each school fresh and exciting. I have worked with Loren for 4 years and one of the main reasons I stay an advisor is to continue working with him. He gently urges my staff and me to meet all deadlines, to keep organized and enjoy creating a yearbook like no other. Loren continues to show us organizational skills needed to run a smooth yearbook staff and book. He is a definite go to guy. My staff loves to meet with Loren each month and if a staff member is absent that day, they are always upset to know they missed seeing him. I would recommend working with Loren Collins in any manner you can. He is a delight and pleasure to work with."


Rachel Johnson, Shelton Elementary School told us:

"I just wanted to send a quick note for those who may be looking at using Jostens and you specifically as their rep.

As someone who loves photos, but had never been involved in the yearbook process, I stepped into creating Shelton's yearbooks last year. Thankfully I had Loren by my side and he helped and encouraged me every step of the way. He took the time to teach me and my staff the ends and outs of the yearbook, helped lay out pages when I asked, gave me great advise on page layouts and finishes. Loren is also there on the business side of things... making sure we are meeting our sales goals, getting money collected, and getting out all our advertising materials. He is definitely THE "yearbook guy" and is there to help every step of the way!"

Ginger Phillips, Bagley Middle School told us:

"When I became yearbook advisor two years ago, I was excited but also nervous. I had never been on a yearbook staff and knew very little about the process. Loren's assistance and reassurance allowed me to relax and learn the program and process. I am so glad to have a yearbook representative that I can always feel comfortable reaching out to when I am unsure about a yearbook layout. Thanks so much!"

Sharon Luke, Gilmer High School told us:

"Just wanted to let you know how much I (and of course the class) appreciated all your help and the treats, not only today but all year long. You really have made a difference this year, and I am thankful we have found a great company and a great rep."